How do you use AQHUniversity?

“I have been an AQHA judge for 35 years. This has been the most rewarding work for me in our industry. I have always believed in continuing education to stay ahead. I find AQHU gives me the opportunity to prepare as I need for the judging jobs I receive. I use it to watch videos and score events. I use the seminar sessions to review. I find it a great way to challenge myself to prepare in many events. Thank you to AQHA for giving us extra tools in our toolbox to be the best we can be for our industry and to lead our industry as quality judges. #AQHAProud ”

2008 AQHA Professional Horsewoman of the Year

Carla Wennberg

“Thank you so much for steering me to AQHU! I went to the horse show last week with a whole new outlook and I am excited to keep progressing. I'm finding more and more how much I really enjoy it. I'm also already seeing a positive spinoff on my training program and with coaching my clients! ”

AQHA Professional Horseman

Mike Rapley

“AQHU has been a great resource for me to prepare for judging; the Educational Videos and the PowerPoint highlights are an excellent reference to review before judging. AQHU has also been very helpful to me in preparing to judge the many new and popular Versatility Ranch Horse Classes. I always recommend the AQHU to applicants preparing to apply for their judges card. A Special thanks to AQHA and the Judges Committee for their vision and leadership and thanks to all our judges who have shared their time and expertise in preparing these outstanding educational materials.”